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Solar Window Screens Save Money
Certainly, if people knew of the savings in their monthly electric bills,
the extended life of their a/c system, as well as enhanced comfort of
their living space, it would become a standard in Houston homes to
install sun screens. There is also terrific energy savings in commercial
applications of sun shading.

Window Tint vs Window Film
Texas routinely places emphasis on the heat reducing factors of
tinted windows or window film; however the truth is that once the
sunlight hits the glass, it’s too late. Solar Heat Gain will increase the
temperature of the home dramatically – and will keep it there well into
the evening hours. Truth is known…installing window tint or window
film will void the window manufacturers’ warranty of insulated or dual
pane glass in the majority of cases.

Solar Screens  Window Screens
With solar sun screens the sun’s heat is stopped before it hits the
glass. Most of the sun’s heat and rays is deflected and dissipated
before it has a chance to hit the glass and radiate into your home.
With all of our Solar Screens you can  see outside, but can not
see in.
 With solar window screens installed, from the outside, you
cannot see into the home due to the light differential

Incentive From Power Companies
In southern states, many utility companies offer rebates and
incentives to consumers for the installation of solar screens, and
other utility companies simply offer an overall rate reduction for the
installation of solar sun screens.

Cost of Solar Window Screens
The cost of installing solar window screens is relatively meager
considering that it is estimated that one would recoup their initial
expense of their sun screens in just two years (or less) of use and in
four years should double their
Money Back! Return on Investment is
incredible due to energy saving solar window sun shades by Solar
Screens in Houston.
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